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Sep 30, 2019 | by The Salvation Army

Intergenerational, transformational impact. The Salvation Army Long Beach Red Shield restores lives for children, families, and seniors. All are treated with dignity and provided a hand up, not a handout.

A young girl named Maria understands this all too well. Maria has a smile on her face today because she’s succeeding with her school work. However, a few months ago Maria was failing to thrive in school. Bi-lingual and without parental support (her mother is incarcerated and the father left the family when she was very young) she was struggling to make passing grades. Fortunately for Maria, her babysitter (who knew that she couldn’t help her with her homework because it was written in English) brought her to The Salvation Army’s after-school Homework Club.  At The Salvation Army, Maria cooperated in the book reading club earning her own books and joined the Tuesday night youth program receiving weekly meals and thriving in art class. A senior volunteer (recently widowed) was drawn to Maria and became her reading buddy. The two hit it off. The volunteer’s patience with Maria made her feel safe and loved, and she began cooperating and trying harder to learn and read. Together, they each found a place to belong. The volunteer was lonely, and Maria was struggling to read.  Now each week they look forward to seeing each other, reading together and learning. 

Your support for the Long Beach Red Shield will allow after-school programs such as these to thrive, helping young ones like Maria. It will also provide scholarships for karate and soccer classes, meals for the hungry, referrals to housing for low-income families, and mentors to teach reading to local students (46% of the surrounding neighborhood are Latino). Your support will ensure healthy lifestyles for children and youth, as well as their parents and grandparents. Our goal is to ensure that no family goes hungry, every child thrives, and all can find a place to belong.

Help us continue to do the most good for Long Beach. 

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